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Lindsay McVety - Transformation of the Southern Belle

Lindsay McVety has a winning smile that is magnetic and filled with southern charm. This North Carolina girl, moved all the way to Canada, after marrying the love of her life Ryan McVety, who is the Vice President of Canada Christian College. From the days of beauty pageantry, having competed for Miss Virginia USA, to now being the Director of Online Studies at Canada Christian College, Lindsay’s life has been a fascinating journey. Serving others has been at the heart of whatever Lindsay set out to do.


“My roots are in North Carolina. I was blessed to be born and raised in a Christian home and into a huge family with lots of aunts and uncles and extended family,” Lindsay said. “I grew up playing sports and competing in pageants, and I developed a love for helping others and caring for people early on. My parents instilled a sense of faith and purpose from an early age, and my Christian upbringing has played a critical role in all areas of my life.”


One of the first things Lindsay was known for was modeling and for competing in Miss Virginia USA. “I started modeling when I was child, doing shows for stores like Talbots, Walmart, and local malls. I was competing in pageants during this time, so opportunities were often available within this community.” Lindsay shared. “After I competed for Miss Virginia USA, I was offered modeling jobs in showrooms in Atlanta at America's Mart. It's a big market for retailers to buy merchandise for their stores. I modeled in the prom, pageant, bridal industry and truly loved every minute… It's an interesting industry, for sure. It's one where knowing who you are is critical to not losing yourself.”

While studying at Liberty University in Virginia, Lindsay met Ryan McVety. They got married and moved to Canada, and are now parents to a son named Maverick. One of the things Lindsay is involved in, is keeping up her blog Eat Pray Wife. She started blogging in college, and now finds it to be an outlet for the faith-based topics that are on her heart.

“I first started blogging when I was in undergrad, where I began writing on topics of mental health. In 2016, I transitioned into more of a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog. I set out to really incorporate a Christian perspective on these topics,” Lindsay shared. “I rebranded my blog, Eat Pray Wife completely, and my content took a pretty big shift. I wasn't sure how this would go, but it was well-received by my community. My readers will now find content related to relationships, faith-based topics, identity, purpose, and growing your faith.”

Lindsay’s drive and inspiration comes out of a desire to help people. Serving is a common theme that she had during her beauty pageantry days, and now in her blog.


“I love people. We are so complicated, and we are so hard to love. I really love taking care of people, so the content that inspires me reflects a purpose of helping someone,” Lindsay shared. “I'm loving these newer emerging accounts that are like the “big sister” you never had or the “mom you needed” when you were younger. It's the accounts where women aren't gatekeeping and are sharing such practical information. I like helping people who need to know things that maybe I had the privilege of learning when I was younger.”


With her husband’s family legacy and involvement in Canada Christian College, and her husband Ryan being the VP of the school, it was only natural for Lindsay to become apart of CCC as well. Lindsay is now the Director of Online Studies.

“I began working at CCC in 2014, and at that time there was no avenue for Online Education. It was something the college had discussed, but a dedicated department didn't exist yet. Having worked at Liberty University previously and having taken online classes for about four years, I felt I had some of the skills required to helping shape an online program,” Lindsay said. “I did a lot of research and began testing different methods for offering online classes. I built a few test courses, pitched my idea and the President and VPs of the school very graciously allowed me the opportunity to build the program. We started with 3 courses and about 5 students, and now we have over 80 courses online and over 50 students taking courses.”

With a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University already under her belt, Lindsay is closing in on her Doctorate Degree as well.


“I just submitted my dissertation proposal for my doctorate degree, and I will begin my data collection soon. I can't disclose too much here, but I'm researching the impact of trauma on the church. Future plans from this research include developing some programs to help churches in their effort to serve our communities and really care for people,” Lindsay shared. “This is one of the biggest things in the near future for me. I have a few fun speaking engagements coming up. A few conferences are in the works, and faith-based of course.”

One more major thing that Lindsay is a part of, is the ever-growing The River Worship. According to their website, “The River Worship is a group of Canadian worship leaders and musicians who are frequently joined by guest artists and speakers from around the world.” They include Elevation Worship artists, Maverick City Music, etc. It has become Canada’s largest worship gathering in a short time.


“This is a ministry that my husband and I, and an incredible team of people, started about two years ago. It's an extension of Canada Christian College, so the two are really connected. But it's essentially a weekly worship night where anyone, literally anyone, can come and be in the presence of God, surrounded by 1500-3000 people who are also seeking connection with God,” Lindsay shared. “It's been such an incredible thing to be a part of, and the way it has grown is truly beyond anything we expected. Honestly, it's so clear to see that God is moving in Canada.”

In everything that Lindsay has gotten involved in, she has stayed true to her calling, which is helping people. “Be true to who you are. Know who you are. Don't chase someone else's dream or adopt an identity that doesn't belong to you. Find a way to let your interest be your niche,” Lindsay shared. “And don't worry if you are entering into a space that is already saturated; just be mindful to be personal and consistent to you.” 


1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

We co-sleep with our almost toddler, Maverick, so I always kiss him on the head as soon as I was wake up.

2. What is your favorite thing to wear?

Sentimental pieces, like my wedding ring, or my great-grandmother's wedding band, or my "Maverick" name necklace.

3. If you could pick one word to describe you what would it be?


4. What’s one beauty tip you would pass on?

Find a quick, daily skincare routine that works for your skin, and do it! Start young. :)

5. Everyday is better with:



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