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Supporting Each Other - International Women's Day

Updated: May 23, 2022

I’m passionate about women doing well. It may be because I’m a woman that I’m so interested in the subject. However, I believe that women are a key part of history, society, and today’s world. Women make contributions, have gifts and talents that are worth fighting for, and that should be represented everywhere.

I think International Women’s Day definitely does that. I had only been consciously aware about International Women’s Day since 2015. I know right? So late. Regardless, it has been around for just over 100 years, but I believe it has been brought more into public consciousness over the past 10 years. It celebrates women’s achievements throughout time and continues to support the improvement of women’s rights. This happens on March 8th annually.

Here are three ways you can help support women today:

Educate Women to be Independent

Help a girl become a woman who knows who she is, knows what she’s good at, and to be brave to share her talents and skills with the world. Encourage the women in your life to follow their dreams and contribute to society. Teach women to be independent and to be equipped to take care of themselves and the people they love. Help women feel safe to receive love and be taken care of by the people who love them most.

Support Women-Led Businesses

Another simple and profound way to help women, is to support women-led businesses. There are countless of businesses led by women that are doing well, and there are many that are looking to work their way up. Women have many amazing skills and unique perspectives that can help solve solutions in society. Usually, women have to prove themselves twice as hard for respect in their accomplishments. So, encourage a woman that you know who runs a business. Support their business and share about it to others.

Donate to Causes that Help Women

Thirdly, another way you can support women is to donate to causes that help women. For example, take the pink sweater that I’m wearing. It is designed by Jessi Afshin. Jessi Afshin, is a woman who has created an online shop called Shop Darling. She is a fashion blogger, who decided to use her skills for a greater purpose. She designs clothing items now that reflect her Christian faith and that help employ women who have survived trafficking and women who have just gotten out of prison. When you buy a clothing item from her, you are helping a cause that helps women. It’s the same idea with any cause or charity that supports women.

Take a moment this week, or this month, to celebrate the women in your life. To support them and to love them.


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