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3 Aluminum-Free Deodorants Worth A Try

Updated: May 23, 2022

Aluminum-Free deodorants are all the rage right now. Aluminum is the ingredient, that helps us to “not sweat” or “smell.” It achieves this by stopping our sweat ducts from literally sweating. However, aluminum is also dangerous for our bodies. It increases the risk of breast cancer and some people have irritation from aluminum.

If you go aluminum-free, your body will be able to sweat naturally, which is what your body needs to do. Some people get concerned that they will also smell bad as a result of sweating. But that is not necessarily the case. An aluminum-free deodorant still has other helpful things in the ingredients that help you smell fresh.

These are three aluminum-free deodorants that I’ve tried this past year. They were pretty good and I would say they are worth a try. Every deodorant works differently for everyone, so unfortunately you would have to go through some kind of testing process to determine which one is best for you.


This is the first one that I tried. I loved the fact that it is obviously aluminum-free, and that it worked really well. I used the charcoal-magnesium scent. It was a nice neutral scent, that contained activated charcoal as well as baking soda. Baking soda is natural and helps neutralize odors. This is the most natural deodorant I used. I think everything in it, is pretty much 100% natural. It has a grainy texture as a result, which means you need to apply it more gently.

Love Beauty and Planet

I absolutely love the scents of their collection of deodorants. The scent I used was the coconut water and mimosa flower. Such a sweet and refreshing scent! They are about 95% natural in my opinion. They are aluminum-free and paraben-free. The texture feels more like a regular deodorant. This one is absolutely amazing, especially because of the Mimosa flower scent. However, I did have to reapply more often.

Live Clean

Live Clean has done it again. When they released their deodorant line this year, I was so excited. Being a Canadian, I always look forward at the opportunity to support Canadian brands, and Live Clean is definitely one of them. I used their cool and fresh deodorant scent. It is similar to the Love Beauty and Planet, but it is more natural at 99% rating. It has baking soda, aloe and Vitamin E—and a host of natural extracts. It lasts a pretty decent amount of time.

Hopefully that helped you start your journey to finding the perfect aluminum-free deodorant!

*Here's a picture to help you find them based on what they look like.


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