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5 Reasons Why You Should Thrift Shop

Updated: May 23, 2022

Thrift shopping. When some people hear that, they cringe. Some people get a twinkle in their eye. There are a lot of ideas and thoughts about thrift shopping, good and bad. From my observation, I think that thrift shopping has a bright future.

In the past decade thrift shopping has become trendy and smart. In today’s world, particularly in North America, thrifting now offers a plethora of options. Options that are actually good and can rival retail stores; especially when you see the brand-new tag still slapped on.

There are several reasons why you should thrift a good percentage of your clothes. And here is why.

Build your Wardrobe on a Budget

Thrifting is wallet-friendly. Especially these days, everyone is about scoring a good deal. Things in life are already so expensive. I think that one of the most budget-friendly ways to build your wardrobe is through thrift shopping. It feels so nice that you can find quality items at the fraction of the price. Instead of paying for $70 for a pair of American Eagle jeans, try to find one at the thrift store. I’ve bought some of mine jeans for $10. I’d rather keep the other $60 if I can.

You can find Designer Deals

One of the things I also love about thrift stores, is that you can sometimes find a treasure that costs a hefty price elsewhere. Although, super high-end designers like Prada and Burberry, don’t come every day in the thrift store—they do make their appearance from time to time. And surprisingly in great condition too. In thrift stores, you do have to search more for good items, but the hunt does have its payoffs.

It is environmentally-friendly

Thrifting is good for the environment. By purchasing used goods, we reduce the garbage that goes into the ground, and it can have a domino effect in inspiring others to take care of their things. It encourages less materialism and a pride in taking care of what we do have—our clothes and our planet. The rise of re-commerce is a growing phenomenon that will only expand in the years to come.

You get a better variety of options

When you go to a thrift store, you can end up visiting Old Navy, H&M and Calvin Klein all in one store. It can make shopping interesting, because there isn’t just one brand in the store, it can be exciting. I personally love not always having to go to an individual store, where there is only one brand option. It’s easier to compare the brands and the qualities of different clothing brands, when all housed under one roof. It’s important to know your fabrics and what looks good on you. But there is great variety for all.

You can give back to the community

A lot of times, thrift stores can be non-profit organizations. That is why I love my partnership with Goodwill. Goodwill doesn’t just sell clothes; it also helps others. They sell their clothes for a reasonable price, and then they use their profits to help train people to create work opportunities for them. They give back to the community. Their work is not government-funded and so what you buy from them goes to help Goodwill. It feels good to give to a good cause.

Hopefully that has you convinced to try out thrifting! Have fun.


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