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7 Ways to Elevate Your Style

Updated: May 23, 2022

You know those people who always seem to have their outfit look more put together than yours? Sometimes you can’t quite figure it out, but their style just “seems” more fashionable and effortless. You think to yourself, “I’m going to try some of their clothes, then I’ll look just as good.”

Very quickly, you realize that “dress” or those “pants” don’t look as flattering on you. What might look good on them might not look good on you. This is where it becomes important to know your body shape and size. But as we all know, figuring that out can get really overwhelming.

However, all is not lost. There are simple fashion pieces that can easily transform your look. They can give a chic, sophisticated vibe, while being casual and relaxed. These pieces are universally flattering for everybody’s shape and size.

The focus isn’t copying someone’s style; it’s investing in the basic, timeless, and classic pieces. Let’s look at seven ways to do that.

1. Structured Purses

A structured purse is pretty much a purse that hold its shape, even when put down. The material is sturdy and stiff with nice edges and flat surfaces. There is something refined and orderly about the look of this purse. It makes you look more fashionable and classier.

The purse doesn’t have to be a high-end brand, like Prada or Michael Kors. It can be an affordable brand like Aldo or Target; or can even have no brand attached. The key is the structure of the purse. If your purse is structured, your look will always appear more polished. Having the occasional colorful purse definitely adds flare; but for added versatility it’s better to build your purse collection based on neutral colors.

2. Feminine Dresses

Dresses are something women have worn since society can remember. And for good reason too. When picked right, they are extremely slimming and beautiful on women’s figures. They can make you feel like a princess or like a boss.

There are various fits, silhouettes and lengths that your dress can be. A good guide is do it like the French. The French never really show off their skin; and wear flattering lengths that range from just above the knee, knee-length or maxi style. The French don’t really wear skin-tight or baggy dresses, but they do wear clothes that fit and flow nicely.

Simple prints or solid monochromatic colors are the way to go. Some of the top silhouettes are A-line, sheath, shift, and wrap dresses.

3. Stylish Blazers

Blazers are one the most multipurpose closet staples you can own. A blazer is pretty much a suit jacket. The versatility of this piece is its strong point. You can wear it with a pair of jeans or over a dress. It is the fashion piece that looks good no matter what you wear. All occasions are acceptable.

The piece, almost always, immediately ups an outfit to chic whenever used. It’s important to get a neutral color such as black, navy or gray. The important thing to learn is what style of blazer works for you, based on your height and body shape.

4. Tailored Basics

By tailored basics, I mean essential clothing items that fit right. Like a sweater, shirt, or a pair of jeans. It’s always important to buy clothes that are not too tight or too loose. Fit makes the difference in how sophisticated you look. When clothes fit you right, it is also more flattering on your body type.

If your exact size isn’t available, and you had to choose to go up or down a size, it’s always better to pick slightly up because you can always tailor it down to your size. This is where knowing a good tailor becomes important. They can become your best friend in making sure your clothes look like they were made for you.

5. Pointy Footwear

Pointy shoes always look more fancy than rounded shoes. I’m not sure what it is, but it creates the illusion of a more, slender bone structure. You don’t have to go super pointy; even the softer almond toe will do nicely. The shoes that are the easiest to accomplish this effect is with boots, heels and flats.

However, this does not discount the very feminine elegant look of ballet-style rounded shoes. In fact, for some people, the rounded toe works better than the pointy toe. This is where it’s important to know what looks good on you.

6. Long Coats

Wearing longer coats always give a more stylish look. Besides upping the elegance factor, longer coats are also slimming and usually warmer. The most popular and essential long coats, are the parka, the pea coat and the trench coat.

The parka is essential for hardcore winter weather. The pea coat is a nice in between coat, that can be worn on a warmer winter day or a colder spring and fall day. The thinner trench coat is definitely for the warmer spring and fall days; and the random cold summer days.

7. Simple Jewelry

Simple minimalistic jewelry is the way to go. Less is more as they say. You can immediately elevate your look by accessorizing your outfit with a jewelry piece. Whether that is a pair of earrings, a necklace, or a watch. The piece is up to you.

The main thing with jewelry is to not overdo it. If you are wearing a pair of statement earrings, maybe you don’t need to wear a necklace as well. Or you could wear a simple necklace and small minimalistic earrings, so that they don’t compete with each other for attention. In the end, it’s at your discretion.

Well everybody, I hope that was helpful. Until next time!


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