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Beauty in the Everyday

Updated: May 23, 2022

When one of thinks of beauty, usually the first thing that comes to mind is someone that looks aesthetically pleasing. If that’s all beauty was, what a limited world that would be. It’s important for us to see beauty all around us. It’s important to create that beauty.

Beauty is not just something that pleases the eyes. Beauty can impact other senses too. Things that are beautiful can inspire our minds and spirits.

I want to share with you three ways that we can always find beauty in our everyday.

Beauty in our attitudes.

This beauty comes in our day, by how we choose to see our day. Our mind can choose to be happy or sad. We can choose to smile or frown. Our vantage point can make our day beautiful or not so much. What direction do you want your day to go? There can be two people having the exact same start to a day, and have similar things happen. But one can end up happier than the other, just because they had a different perspective. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Choose to behold your day as beautiful and a gift.

Beauty in our surroundings.

Our surroundings can very much include the people that our in our lives. We can either see what we have to deal with as either a blessing or a curse. We can choose to get annoyed by our surroundings and decide that we don’t have it “that good.” But imagine if the people in your life were gone? You’d start noticing that you miss them. You would miss some things about them, and how they did contribute to your day. Your surroundings are your day to day routines, and people you see. Be grateful for them as they do add an interest and purpose to your life.

Beauty in our circumstances.

This is where gratitude comes into play a lot. There is beauty in our circumstances. We may not like where we are in life at this moment. We might always be chasing some better days. A better job or more money. But your circumstances are beautiful right now. It is a unique moment of time in the history of you. A present circumstance is the place where you have the most impact. Look at your current moments as a time where you can make a difference in someone’s life—including yours.

Your day is a beautiful day. Each day is a gift. To see, to hear, and to do. To impact and to influence others in a positive way. Make your life beautiful and make those lives around you beautiful.


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