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Bio-Oil Skincare Line Review

Updated: May 23, 2022

I’ve heard of Bio-Oil before. Touted as the answer to stretch marks and scars, this product line is extremely popular. Bio-Oil has had a high rate of positive results from its users. It is mostly made of oil and combined with different plant extracts and vitamins that help soothe the skin.

Currently, they have two different Bio-Oil products in the market. One is the original Bio-Oil skincare oil and the other is their new Dry Skin gel. I’ll share with you some of my observations of the two.

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

This is the product that has been around for a while. The bottles come in varying sizes and they smell so nice. This oil, helps with stretch marks and scars, and it is also really good for preventative purposes. The natural oils that are inside include lavender, rosemary and chamomile. It also includes Vitamins A and E. From checking the ingredients, it has a rose scent. These natural products are highly anti-inflammatory and soothing. It also has anti-aging benefits. I’m a firm believer that oil is actually good for your skin and can penetrate your skin layers better.

Dry Skin Gel

The dry skin gel is a relatively new product for Bio-Oil. The gel looks pink and it has a similar scent to the oil. It is 87 percent oil, which makes it intensely moisturizing. I believe this product is very innovative for Bio-Oil. It contains Shea Butter, which is often known as one of the best moisturizing ingredients out there. It does everything from keeping your skin soft, to healing skin abnormalities, and helping slow down the aging process. It also contains lactic acid which is known to treat hyperpigmentation and age spots. This is a very good product to use on extremely dry areas, like your feet, elbows and knees. It is recommended to put this on your hands after you wash them. It will prevent your hands from getting dry. I love that it also contains Vitamin B3 which helps minimize your pores and soften fine lines.

Bio-Oil is definitely worth a shot—especially if you are trying to heal scars and stretch marks; or if you are really trying to deep-moisturize your skin. There are many benefits to this skincare line, and I love that they have so many natural ingredients incorporated into their products. Go check out their products at:


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