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Fall Fashion: Basic Tips

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Fall can be a really fun time fashion-wise. It is a time that allows you to be the most creative with your outfits and gives you a variety of options. The range of clothing is wide, because the temperature can be quite warm at times and quite cool on other days.

Fall fashion can be whatever you want it to be. I love cozy sweaters, a nice fall coat, and a latte in hand. Here are some basic tips.

Choose pieces that are comfortable.

Make sure you choose pieces that make you comfortable. If jeans are what make you comfortable then wear them. If slacks work better for you, then wear those. If leggings suit your style, then work it into your fall wardrobe. You don’t have to go for what is “typical.” You can creatively incorporate pieces into your outfit, that might not be seen as traditionally fall.

Choose pieces that flatter you.

Choose colors that will flatter your skin tone and hair color. Choose cuts that will flatter your body type. Mostly make sure you feel that it flatters you. You want to feel good in what you are wearing, because that confidence will come out. For some people, trench coats are most flattering. For some leather jackets are more flattering. Both are great for fall.

Choose pieces that say something about you.

Lastly, after comfort and style, you want to make sure that the pieces you wear say something about you. What you choose to wear is important and that is because it is the first thing people will see and deduct something about you. So what you wear is an opportunity to allow your clothes to give the first impression of you are to others. There’s no exact science, but use clothes to your advantage. Be yourself.

Fall fashion doesn’t have to be complicated. It it’s the easiest time to wear all kinds of styles. So have fun!


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