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Glossier Makeup Set Review

Updated: May 23, 2022

I recently got a surprise gift in the mail. It was a box of some makeup products from Glossier. I was so excited and squealed at the thought of trying new makeup. Apparently, this beauty brand has been around for almost a decade and their idea is to put skincare as the first priority and makeup as second. As a result, their makeup products have less harmful chemicals in them and are more natural.

The three products I want to talk about are the mascara, the eyebrow shaper, and the blush.

The mascara is called Lash Stick. The mascara stick comes in a beautiful baby pink color. This product from Glossier is specifically made in France. Isn’t that exciting? The mascara itself enhances the eyelashes nicely. It doesn’t clump and the extra tiny fibers on the brush do wonders for the final result. It also contains some panthenol and biotin to help condition the lashes over time. This product is definitely a win.

The eyebrow shaper is called Boy Brow. This product helps thicken and shape your eyebrows. It makes them look well-groomed. It’s a creamy formula. It almost looks like it could be a mascara. But it’s not! This amazing thing has collagen in it and moisturizing properties. I have never used a creamy version of this before and I think it’s interesting that it comes in a mascara-like brush.

The blush comes in a cream formula and it’s called Cloud Paint. It is a creamy blush with a little gel-like touch. You just dab some with your fingers onto your cheeks and it looks so natural. I’m super astounded by the color of this thing. It is beautiful. It’s sheer and buildable. It has key ingredient of collagen in it, which helps plump the skin. I love it.

Overall, I think these few products are very cute and apply amazingly. Right now they are selling these three products as a set, which is cheaper than buying them separately.

You can purchase the products here! And here is a video review of these products.


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