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Polka Dots - A Timeless Fashion Trend

Apparently, polka dots are deemed to be one of the hot spring 2023 fashion trends. The playful pattern of polka dots, seem to outweigh other patterns in the sense that they still give off the timeless, sophisticated, old money look. And at the same time, they are fresh, modern, bold and trendy.

Polka dots have been around for many decades in fashion, and its popularity is still here today. Polka dots became popular first in Europe, with the word originating from a popular Polish folk dance called the Polka. In fact, the Czech term for a Polish woman is Polska. My favorite way to wear polka dots, is in the form of a dress, skirt, or top.

You can wear it in bright colors, or neutral colors. If patterns are not your thing, but you want to try one—try the polka dot!


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