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Staying Warm with Cougar Boots

One of my favorite things to wear are boots. Living in Canada is enough evidence why one must have a good selection at their disposal. That’s why I was looking forward to receiving my first pair of Cougar boots.

Cougar Shoes is a Canadian footwear brand and they specialize in quality waterproof leather. For over 70 years, they have provided amazing quality and stylish options.

I’ve always struggled to find a pair of stylish and warm winter boots, that I didn‘t have to worry about when trudging through the snow. I always had to go for bulkier boots. Well, I found my stylish pair with Cougar.

Cougar has different styles for winter, for fall, and amazing slippers. All of them are pretty much waterproof and there is no skimping in quality fabric. Cougar is the real deal.

My pair is the Vow boot in dark brown. It’s made of waterproof leather, and has a temperature rating of -24°C/11.2°F. Get my pair here!


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