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Top 5 Petite Fashion Tips

Updated: May 23, 2022

As a petite person, I always find it hard to find clothes that fit. I’m pretty short and curvy. For some reason the standard sizes in the stores are made for taller people. I always find a size that “fits” me, but it’s way too long or wide. Fashion retailers have come a long way since back in the day, to create petite sections in their stores.

I’ve discovered some tips that can help the petite person look chic. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference in how your outfit looks on your body type. Here are my top five petite fashion tips:

1. Wear high-rise bottoms

High-rise pants or skirts are your best friend. As a short person, they make you look taller because it creates the illusion of longer legs. If you are also curvy, highlighting your waist can be very flattering and have a slimming effect. High-rise jeans have become my favorite way to wear pants. Also wearing skirt and dresses that land more at the higher natural waistline or with an Empire-style waistline, are more flattering on a shorter and curvier person.

2. Wear the right size purse

A purse can make you look too small or too large. Having the right “purse size” in proportion to your height and weight is really important. If a purse is way too big for you, it will overshadow you. If you have a purse that it too small for you, it can make the piece look insignificant and accidently make you look like you are wearing something that doesn’t fit you. That would be so faux pas.

3. Add height with heels

Heels can have a slimming effect. Firstly, and obviously, if you are short it will make you look taller. Looking taller also makes you look slimmer. Heels also add class to an outfit. You can wear pumps or heeled booties. Pretty much any type of shoe with a small heel to it will give this effect. I like wearing thicker heels because they are easier to walk in throughout the day. It is also recommended not to wear heels that are taller than 2-3 inches. Wearing 2-3 inches is best, because any taller will only add to back and arthritis problems when you are older.

4. Tuck your top inside

This works really well with high-rise bottoms. It’s harder to tuck your top inside when you don’t wear high-rise bottoms. Also, there is something about tucking your shirt inside that makes your outfit look more put together. Some people are afraid that tucking in their shirt will highlight flaws, but I think it works with all shapes and sizes. I think it can be flattering for anyone. The rest of the outfit of course has to go with the style. But it’s a nice trick to give the illusion of height and curves.

5. Learn to color coordinate

Colors are really important. If you wear an outfit where the colors don’t go together, it works against creating a seamless and flawless look. Wearing colors that complement each other help you look aesthetically chic. Like wearing a beige sweater, a pair of dark-wash blue jeans and a pair of taupe booties, look lovely all put together. The best way to do this, is to pick what your neutrals will be and add the pop of color you want to use. A good guide is not to use more than three colors in an outfit. Obviously, this is not a strict rule, but a guide. Petite people also really benefit from wearing a monochromatic look, where your top and bottom match—as this adds to the illusion of height.

Hopefully, this was helpful! These tips and techniques can really apply to anyone—tall or short.


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