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5-Piece Classic Spring Outfit

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Make a statement with an inspired spring look.

I love spring and I love spring fashion. When I think of spring, I think of soft, ethereal colors and floral prints. I think of silk chiffon shirts, drapey jackets, and ruffled dresses. Spring can be so elegant. Mimicking the colors of the nature around are an excellent way to get into the spring mood. Of course, along with a few classic pieces.

There are different outfit combinations you can come up with to add to your spring capsule wardrobe. This 5-piece outfit is one example of some classic and simple pieces put together to create a spring look.

1. Lightweight Blazer/Jacket

In this spring outfit I’m wearing a Katherine Barclay blazer. It is really lightweight and it drapes nicely in the front. The color is an extremely light beige, made of very soft faux-suede material. It makes me feel elegant and I think it’s the perfect piece to finish an outfit. Katherine Barclay clothing pieces are a luxury collection designed in Montreal, Canada. When looking for a spring blazer, look for soft colors and materials.

2. Soft Blouses/Shirts

For the look, I wore an ivory sleeveless blouse by Green Envelope. The front cascades and drapes nicely for a flattering shape. It’s of chiffon-like material and feels very stylish and chic. You can find Green Envelope pieces in TJMaxx and Marshalls. Blouses are a great way to enhance your outfit and make you look sophisticated. They can be sleeveless or with sleeves. Either work.

3. Skinny Jeans/Jeggings

I love the classic skinny jean look. I think this look can suit every body shape. You just have to find the right kind. I’m short, petite and very curvy. Finding jeans are one of the hardest items for me. For this look, I’m wearing a black super-high waisted jegging from American Eagle. High-waisted jeans can make you look taller and slimmer, especially if you are short. It creates the illusion of height. I also love how these jeans are stretchy, soft and comfortable.

4. Leather Booties/Ankle Boots

As a petite person, I love adding height. I definitely like adding it comfortably however. Wearing a bootie is definitely one of the ways to do that, especially with a chunky heel. I’m wearing a faux-leather black bootie with a small thick heel and little buckles, from G by Guess. It has the trendy pointy toe and it’s really comfortable.

5. Neutral Purse/Handbag

A neutral purse is a definite must-have accessory. I’m wearing an Aldo crossbody bag that has multi-nude shades. It has beautiful gold chain link hardware. It’s faux-leather and it’s the perfect small purse—and it fits everything important. A crossbody purse is a classic choice and very convenient because you can carry it over your shoulders. Fun fact… Aldo is a Canadian brand.

That’s it!


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