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5-Piece Classic Summer Outfit

Updated: May 23, 2022

An inspired classic summer look.

It’s never too late to keep wearing those summer outfits. When I think of summer, I think of lightweight dresses and strappy sandals. I think of dewy skin and a warm breeze. Light fabrics are the way to go in the summer so that you don’t get too hot and faint!

The thing I love about summer, is that any color scheme goes for me. I love colors, neutrals and pastels. It’s a time to be creative and brighten up the world. Timeless silhouettes can add classiness to your look and breezy frills can give you a laidback touch.

This 5-piece outfit is one example of some simple pieces I put together to create a classic summer look.

1. Feminine Dress

For this look, I’m wearing an ashy, rose pink dress. It has a fit and flare style, which works best with my body shape. I really like the half-length sleeves as they add a classy feel to the dress. This dress is elegant enough to wear at a black-tie event, but can be dressed down for a simple summer brunch. It’s an easy wear and super comfortable. The high neckline is also adds a refined and polished vibe. This dress is from RW&Co., one of my favorite Canadian brands.

2. Matching Belt

My belt happens to be a matching piece with the dress I’m wearing from RW&Co. I love how it gives a little bit of a sash look, and I can tie it into a cute bow. A belt doesn’t have to match your dress, it just has to compliment it. A belt around your dress, is one of the best ways to add chicness to your look and highlight your waist. It has a slimming effect for most people and this accessory is a classic and timeless piece.

3. Cute Clutch

I really like cute little clutches. They always add the je ne sais quoi to an outfit. They can help complete a look. They are cute and small. They come in handy for fancier events, or if you just want a small purse to carry your lipstick and phone. I’m using a beige clutch, to complement my dress and it’s made of vegan leather. Vegan leather purses are known for their durability and quality. This one is from Urban Expressions. The gold chain hardware is nice, and it has cute little sections inside. The crossbody option makes it really easy to carry around.

4. Heeled Sandals

Heeled strappy sandals are always so much fun. Especially if you have a block heel, then they are the most comfortable heels you will ever wear. I’m wearing a beige pair of block-heeled sandals, made of leather. They are my favorite heels. I don’t usually go for very tall heels, because I like being able to wear them for a few hours. You don’t want to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa by the end of the day. Just a little height is enough for me. But that little height can make you feel like a princess (I’m pretty short). They are from Essex Lane.

5. Dainty Jewelry

I dig wearing a pair of earrings. I’m not too crazy about wearing a lot of jewelry, but I love me a pair of dainty earrings. I always have to wear real gold for my ears, otherwise I get infections. It’s better to invest in a couple of quality pieces, instead of a handful of earrings that can rust quickly. I’m wearing a pair of white gold mini hoops. It’s one of my favorite styles. You can find them in a number of jewelry stores, but mine is from JCPenney.

That’s it!


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