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5-Piece Classic Winter Outfit

Updated: May 23, 2022

An inspired classic winter look.

Winter. It is my most dreaded season. Being from Canada, the winters can be really long. Too much snow. Too much slush. Too much bitter winds. But on the days that are not so chilling, snow can be fun. I love how it makes everything look so bright and white. It can be pretty and sparkling.

Winter fashion can be fun as well. When I think of winter fashion, I think of Alpaca and Merino wool—and we can’t forget cashmere! I also think of thick fabrics and faux fur. I love neutral and bright colors for winter. Neutral for when you want to look sharp, and bright for when you want to wish the gloominess away.

This is a time to mix your color inspirations, and to stay warm! This 5-piece outfit is one example of some classic and simple pieces I put together to create a winter look.

1. Turtleneck Sweater

For this look, I’m wearing a turtleneck sweater. Now it doesn’t have to be a turtleneck. It can be a mockneck or crewneck. The point is that it is thicker, warm and cozy. To achieve this, it is important that there is a good amount of fabric on the sweater. It also helps if the sweater is made of warmer fabrics, such as Merino wool or cashmere. I do love wearing a thick sweater made of cotton also. I’m wearing an oatmeal colored sweater from Jeanne Pierre.

2. Wool Coat

For my outfit, I’m wearing a classic wool coat. It is in the trendy camel color. Like the sweater, it is important that the coat is warm, so that it can withstand the winter chill. Looking for coats that have a high percentage of wool is important to achieve this. You can wear a shorter style of this coat, which is called the peacoat or you can wear the longer version. I personally prefer the longer version. The design can vary and is dependent on your preference. I’m wearing one from the Canadian brand Aritzia.

3. Warm Scarf

Always wear a scarf in the winter, because you never know when you’ll need the extra protection. Plus, they can be stylish too! I’m wearing a typical plaid scarf in beige. This is one of my favorite styles and it can add a flair of sophistication. Now I risk sounding like a broken record, but the key is to make sure it is made of a thicker and warmer fabric. The scarf that I’m wearing is from Burberry.

4. Winter Boots

Winter boots are a must when trudging through the snow. The two important things to make sure of with winter boots is that the lining material is made up of warm fabrics, like sheepskin or wool. The exterior of the boot, must be waterproof and winterproof. You want your boots to look nice, no matter what kind of snow gets tossed at it. There are many options out there, and are definitely worth the investment. I know you can't see it in the picture, but the pair I own are from Sorel.

5. Wool Hat

A hat is very important in this weather. I’m physically very sensitive to the cold and can get sick if I don’t wear a hat. Like with everything else, it’s important that your hat is made of thick and warm fabrics. For me I like to make sure that my hat has a double lining inside, to protect from the wind. There are so many styles and colors, so it can be fun to choose one. It’s important to pick one that fits your head shape, and flatters your face nicely. My hat is from Rella, another favorite Canadian brand.

That’s it!


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