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Rebecca Lord - Dress Designer and Vintage Fashionista

Whimsical, ethereal, and sweet are words that come to mind when I think of Rebecca Lord. Rebecca carries an air of classiness that beckons to a time bygone. Rebecca is a Jewish-Polish-German girl born in Ukraine, and currently based in Israel. She focuses most of her efforts on showcasing the beauty of vintage and historical fashion.

In her own words, her main message is to “inspire each woman to be feminine and modest.” In fact, modest fashion is on the rise and is one of fashion industry’s fastest growing sectors in the world. Rebecca was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and moved to Israel at the age of 14.

“Most of my life I've spent in Israel. I grew up in a religious family, so I was instilled with traditional values and a spiritual outlook on many things,” Rebecca shared. “In Israel, I studied at the women's college, and then five years in university at the faculty of psychology and social sciences.”

But Rebecca had a secret passion—dressmaking. “I never wanted to work as a psychologist, therefore, while studying, I taught myself to sew,” Rebecca said. “After finishing my studies, I followed my old dream to study professional sewing, so I took courses in in a sewing college and studied how to make wedding and evening dresses.”

With a following of over 115,000 on Instagram, Rebecca didn’t expect to become an influencer in her specific fashion space. “It happened by itself. I just started a page on Instagram to read articles from blogger that were interesting to me,” Rebecca said. “I posted mostly photos of myself, in self-made historical costumes. And people began to follow my page and stayed with me. I strongly wish to inspire other ladies to be feminine, but staying modest.”

Many things can inspire Rebecca in terms of the content she puts out. “A few of my great "inspirations" are nature, old paintings, and historical fashion... and the enduring belief that every woman is unique and beautiful,” Rebecca said. “Nevertheless, women sometimes lack the courage and inspiration to gracefully emphasize their femininity. My content is inspired by the desire to inspire other women. To reveal to them a variety of styles, while always remaining within the "frame" of modesty.”

Being based in Israel, Rebecca finds life very different there. “My life here is full of work, studies and preparation. I’m also working on myself,” Rebecca said. “Since the climate and the security level of my country does not suit me, I see myself living in one of the European countries in the future.”

For Rebecca, blogging and influencing takes up all of her time. She is currently trying to find any spare time she has, into developing and designing wrap-berets for her upcoming Etsy store. “In the near future, my mother and I are creating a large collection of "wrap-berets.". We want to open an online store on Etsy.” Rebecca shared. “In the long-term, I dream of creating my own designs of feminine and modest dresses.”

Now balancing her home and work life, is a tough one for Rebecca. “It's not easy at all. And I cannot boast of great achievements in this area of life,” Rebecca shared. “It often happens that work is wedged into family life, and it can take away all my time and attention. But I try to work on planning better and finding the right balance.”

Rebecca’s advice for aspiring bloggers or influencers is really to be yourself. “Do not seek to imitate or copy someone else's style. Try to be inspired by many people, but find your own unique style. Trends go away, and people's interest go away too,” Rebecca said. “Don't be afraid to change. If the soul asks for this, follow its call…. Time has taught me not to neglect quality content. Our viewer is very demanding and this should not be forgotten. Put your soul into your blog, and then the real connoisseurs will stay with you, no matter what the "reach" and "likes" look like on your page.”


1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Open my eyes.

2. What is your favorite thing to wear?


3. If you could pick one word to describe you what would it be?


4. What’s one beauty tip you would pass on?

Do not neglect skincare from a young age.

5. Everyday is better with:

Beloved people.

To check out more about Rebecca Lord visit her website at: and to keep up with her regularly follow her on Instagram at:


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