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Nicole Rae - The Creative Caffeinated Daydreamer

Updated: May 23, 2022

Nicole Rae is one of those people that has a ring to her name. A Canadian lifestyle blogger from Hamilton, Nicole Rae is someone you are going to hear about more often. With her feminine and curated designs, Nicole vibes freshness and oozes creativity. She also happens to be a lover of coffee and a brilliant dreamer.

In her own words, Nicole’s motto is all about “finding delights in everyday life with your surroundings… and coffee.”

A native of Hamilton, Ontario, Nicole is no stranger to places that thrive on creativity. With a background in communications and media, Nicole adds an element of finesse to her work.

“I basically grew up behind a computer screen in one form or another,” Nicole said. “I’ve always been inspired by visual elements and through self-taught practices. That’s where it’s landed me today.”

In the everchanging blogging industry, everyone starts in the field, in their own unique way. Nicole’s launching pad was no different. “I found a few friends asking me for my opinions on products often and took my existing website knowledge to the blogging world and started my blog in 2013,” Nicole said. “I originally started the blog also reviewing all the movies I was watching, but eventually dropped that part.”

The ever-creative person, Nicole found a new passion to add to her repertoire during the COVID pandemic. “Thanks to being stuck at home, I found my creative side needing a new outlet. I have always been a fan of illustrated artwork and thought I would give it a try and quickly discovered how much I liked creating each piece,” Nicole shared. “I invested in a new iPad and now really just want to keep learning and getting better at it.”

With social media, creativity can be easier to come by these days and Nicole is always on the lookout for inspiration from others. “The online community is so full of inspiring and creative people. Just when you think there isn’t anything inspiring anymore, something will pop up and get those creative juices flowing again,“ Nicole shared. “Between content creators that create thoughtful and beautiful photos, to the illustrations I’m seeing online - my mind is always picking up on new ideas (not all of them work out though).”

When the ideas aren’t coming, music is the answer. “Listening to music can also do a complete shift on your mindset. If you’re listening to something that makes you so much happier - your mood is going to be much more genuine when you’re writing or taking photos. That’s a big tip.”

When Nicole isn’t creating content, she loves hanging around her favorite places in Hamilton. “Balance is sometimes hard to come across, but my mind is usually pretty divided on a day-to-day basis. I work a full-time job during the week, and save my week day evenings and weekends for being creative for myself,” Nicole said. “If I feel too drained, then I step away and just enjoy life without the need to create for a little bit.”

Nicole exudes an approach to life that allows for dreaming up creative things, but with a purpose, and on purpose. Her advice to aspiring bloggers is simple. “The first thing to do is just start. Put some thought into your goal, your message, and why you want to do this. Definitely make some friends in the online community,” Nicole said. “I’ve made some amazing friends over the years and it always feels amazing to have their support through this journey together.” 


1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?


2. What is your favorite thing to wear?


3. If you could pick one word to describe you what would it be? 


4. What’s one beauty tip you would pass on?


5. Everyday is better with: Love.


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