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The Future of Fashion - Luxury Consignment

Updated: May 23, 2022

Have you ever wondered what the future of fashion holds? I believe it is in luxury consignment. Second-hand purchases and being “thrifty” is on the rise, especially in today’s economy. And guess what? You can find “almost new” things for a fraction of the price. Doesn’t it feel awesome to find a Calvin Klein dress for $20 versus $100? In my books, that’s a win. Or to find the Louis Vuitton purse for 50% off the retail price?

I enjoy looking fashionable. But let me tell you, I couldn’t afford it at the retail price. On top of that, why not pay less for what you are getting? I’ve had the privilege to team up with The Upside, Canada’s largest online luxury resale store. These people are industry leaders in making sure, that the products they receive in their inventory are fully authenticated. This means you don’t have to worry about getting fakes.

Let me explain to you the three reasons why you should shop second-hand:

You Save Money

This one is obvious. There are so many things demanding our finances in this world, why not pay less for an item that you will wear sometimes? Saving money, is so important and it helps your personal life and the economy.

They Last Longer

If you shop high-end items for a cheap price, you are usually getting better products. For example, if you buy a Calvin Klein dress for $20 second-hand, it is more likely going to be a higher-quality dress, than the $20 dress you found in Walmart.

Helping the Environment

When you buy second-hand, you are helping the ecosystem, simply because the clothes are already made and it doesn’t have to be made again. Whenever we make more things, we add to the pollution in the air, and make our landfills bigger. If we re-purchase items, it would help reduce these things.

In the end, you will look smart and fashionable, while at the same time remaining sustainable and conscientious of others and your environment. That is a win-win situation! Don’t be afraid to buy second-hand. There are a lot of good stuff out there.


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