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Stephanie Jolly - Canadian Blogger Living with Grace

Updated: May 23, 2022

Stephanie Jolly is one heck of a woman. The Toronto-based lifestyle blogger is dominating the industry, with her passion for life and as she puts it: grace-filled living. In nearly a decade Stephanie has built her empire, alongside her husband Neal; managing to connect, inspire and encourage others to become the best version of themselves. Self-development, mental health and their Christian perspective on marriage, are setting them apart from the rest.

“I’m not aiming for perfection, I am aiming for grace in the way I live out my life, the way I look at myself, the way I treat others and want to build my brand through inspiring others to do the same,” Stephanie said.

The 29-year-old, was born and raised in Toronto, and lives with her husband Neal and their Jack Russell Terrier named Lucy. Stephanie Jolly, who used to be known as Stephanie Sterjovski, runs a lifestyle website and actively updates others on different aspects of her life, including her love to travel.

“I began as a university student/mini-entrepreneur trying to make my way by shooting weddings and doing makeup freelance… I love sharing what I was inspired by,” Stephanie said. “I'm inspired by what's currently going on in my life. My blog is a "lifestyle" website, and a lot of it revolves around my life. So, if I'm traveling a lot, my content will probably be more travel-focused in terms of skincare, outfits, videos, posts etc. When I was getting married and moving in, there was a lot about marriage, wedding planning and decorating. It all depends on what season I am in.”

Stephanie met her husband while they were in high school back in 2008 through mutual friends. “I asked him out a few months later after we graduated and then we began a long-distance relationship because he went off to university two hours away. We have been together ever since,” Stephanie said.

They definitely make a team, as Stephanie and Neal will be soon launching their podcast “Jolly Ever After.”

“We’ll be getting into deeper conversations and content and I think that's going to come out in my blog as well. More about self-development, mental-health, wellness and God-willing expanding into family content. I've learned so much over the past year and I can't wait to share it, as well as learn from others,” Stephanie shared. “I'm focused on really creating a grace-filled space and community for both my readers and myself to participate in. As much as I want to encourage others, my community encourages me and I am so grateful for that.”

Stephanie’s Christian faith inspires her in everything she does. She intentionally incorporates her faith into her work and has a soft spot for mental health, as this is something she can relate to personally.

“Something I am working on currently is writing a devotional (geared toward those who suffer with anxiety) and hope to publish it one day,” Stephanie said. “I also have my own print shop (which I have also had since 2012) and launched a new series of prints apart of our Grace-Filled Living Collection.”

As a blogger who works from home, Stephanie does find it challenging to have a home/work life balance. But she manages to make it happen.

“This was a challenge for me and still can pose as one if I'm not careful because we work from home. So, home can sometimes always feel like work. I have learned over the years how important it is for me to have a routine in place, shut off work and make time for people I love (and that includes myself). Having time to cook a meal at the end of the day, or hang out with Lucy on the couch or just to do a face mask or grab a coffee with a friend - this is what makes me a better wife, friend and creative,” Stephanie said. “You have to take the time to fill up your cup or you'll end up burned out. Such a valuable lesson I had to learn the hard way.”

Stephanie’s wisdom comes with a lot of years of experience. And this is her advice to aspiring bloggers. “Be authentic and positive. Don't chase numbers like followers and likes. Show up as you and know that is enough no matter what the numbers speak back. You have a voice and a story and something to say,” Stephanie said. “Own that power and do what makes you happy, don't chase money, fame or popularity as it will never be sustainable and it's the worst place to create from. If you want to stay in this long-term and enjoy yourself, you have to take that advice. Trust me.”


1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Reading my Jesus Calling devotional app.

2. What is your favorite thing to wear?

Cozy, comfy sweats!

3. If you could pick one word to describe you what would it be? 

Feeler of ALL THE FEELS. That’s more than one word, lol!

4. What’s one beauty tip you would pass on?

Beauty begins from inside. What we put in our bodies, how we are treating and honoring them will come out in our skin as a signal. Also works for how we perceive beauty – that starts from the heart. No matter how “visually” beautiful someone is, if they’re filled with hate, I don’t see their beauty.

5. Everyday is better with: Jesus, dogs and sunshine!


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