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Winter to Spring Fashion Tips

Updated: May 23, 2022

During this time of year, one of the biggest things in fashion is the transition from winter to spring. It can feel a little confusing at first, because you are used to your winter boots and coat, and on some days the weather can suit heavier layers. But knowing how to transition makes it a lot easier to do so.

Winter to spring fashion can be really fun because it requires you to be a little creative with staying warm for the chilly spring days, but cool enough for some of the warm days. Here are some basic tips on making the transition.

Lighten your Fabrics

Lightening your fabrics, means wearing lighter, cooler material. In the winter, it is typical to wear warmer fabrics such as cashmere or wool. But in the spring, you can start transitioning into lighter fabrics, such as cotton or silk. For example, instead of wearing your wool coat, transition into a trench coat. Your cashmere sweater can become a cotton sweater, or a button-up shirt.

Highlight through Accessories

It’s easier to feature your accessories during the transition to spring. The simple reason being that you aren’t covering up all the time. Your accessories have a chance to shine and become the highlight of your outfit. Some of the easy ways that you can do this, is by wearing belts or nice necklaces. You can also wear beautiful matching boots that can aren’t weather-proof— no more worrying about the snow and ice damaging your suede booties. And don’t forget your purse.

Brighten up with Colors

The fun thing about spring, is that you can start wearing all kinds of colors. Spring ushers in the season of brighter colors and more variety of colors. You can go with a pastel palette which features very springy, light colors. Or you can go with more earthy colors, that can also reflect the budding nature around. It’s trendy to go with the earthy colors in the fall and the pastel colors in the spring. But I think it works either way. You make your own style.

Hopefully this gives you some direction in how to transition your fashion from winter to spring. Remember to still layer up when you need to. But don’t forget to have fun with it.


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