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5 Healthy Guidelines for your Goals

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

All of us have goals that we want to accomplish. It can be goals for our mental or physical health; or in our relational and financial goals. It could also be skincare or fashion goals. Whatever the goals are, there are smart ways to help make our goals become clear and help us live our best life.

All of us can say we have some basic goals, but not really not know how to make them real. To make your goals very real, there are a few healthy guidelines one must follow. Following some clear-cut steps will help give your goals purpose. Here is how.

Be specific about what you want

You first have to be specific about what your goal is. Don’t be scared to be specific. A lot of times we are scared that we can’t accomplish certain things and would rather not be specific. Sometimes you actually don’t have a specific desire. This is where thinking about what it is you want to accomplish is important. Talk about it to someone and get feedback. They might have great ideas as well.

Make them measurable with an action plan

When you find out what your goals are, you have to figure out how you are going to get it done. This is where an action plan comes into place. Figure out your A, B, and C’s. This helps you get to your goal step by step. Of course, action plans are not “set in stone,” but having one makes your vision clearer and can help you get there faster. Your action plan needs to see the details of the whole picture.

Make them attainable with a time-limit

Your action plan and goals need to be achievable. There should be a certain level of attainability to your plan and it needs to be accomplished within a time-limit. This is very important, especially to our mental health. Make little goals and marker points of what you want done and by when. If you mess up, don’t worry, set a new date and try again. It’s important to have goals that can be achieved and measurable. You can look back at all the “wins” you made along the way.

They should be relevant to you

Your goals need to matter to you. You should have an incentive as to why you are achieving a goal. If it doesn’t matter to you, why would you put the effort? Choose goals that are relevant to your life and circumstances. If you choose goals you care about, it can help you stick out doing the work. To accomplish your goals, you need to work to make them happen. And it’s better to choose something you care about or are good at.

You need to write them down

Probably one of the golden rules of accomplishing your goals is actually writing them down. You might think that writing down your goals is an unnecessary step. But trust me, you’d be surprised by what the human mind can forget. And even if you had the greatest memory in the world— when you write down your goals, they become more specific and attainable. Something just happens in our minds when we see it written down.

Hopefully this was helpful!


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