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5-Piece Classic Fall Outfit

Updated: May 23, 2022

An inspired classic fall look.

I wrote a piece earlier this year about the classic spring outfit. If you’d like, you can go read that article here. But for this article I will be writing about the classic fall outfit. Fall is officially my favorite season. It used to be summer, until this summer. Isn’t that funny how things can change? Anyhow, back to what I was saying.

When I think of fall fashion, I think of earthy warm tones, and casual plaid prints. I think of the softness of cashmere and thick fabrics that make me feel fuzzy inside. And on the other end of the spectrum, I think of classic lines and polished looks inspired by the British aristocracy—sharp and smart.

Just like spring, fall fashion leans it’s inspiration from the nature around us. Maroon red, olive/forest green—and the neutrals of beige, black and gray never fail us.

With so much inspiration out there, there are so many outfit combinations we can come up with. This 5-piece outfit is one example of some classic and simple pieces I put together to create a fall look.

1. Classy Trench Coat

In this fall outfit I’m wearing a classic trench coat from Forever 21. It is in the trendy beige/tan color. I love that this coat is made of cotton and I love the ruffle at the bottom. The ruffle definitely takes its inspiration from the Kate Spade and Burberry versions of the coat. Trench coats are fall or spring coats, and usually waterproof, meant to handle the rainy season. Mine in particular is not waterproof, but stylistically is just as great.

2. Warm Sweater and Skinny Jeans

For this look, I have a maroon turtleneck sweater and dark-wash skinny jeans. The turtleneck I’m wearing is made up of a thinner material for those not-so-cold days. It is a Catharine Maladrino sweater that you can find in Macy’s or Bloomingdales. Catherine is an amazing French fashion designer based in New York City. I love the richness of maroon and how it epitomizes fall so perfectly. I paired this with some simple dark-wash skinny jeans from American Eagle, to complete the look.

3. Colorful Scarf

I love scarves and I wear them for fall and spring. Scarves have always been my thing and I cannot get enough of them. I always look forward to a time where I can wear scarves. This beige scarf is a gold standard look for plaid scarves. I love how this plaid pattern incorporates black and red colors, which makes it the perfect fall scarf. The one I’m wearing is from Burberry and it is made of cashmere. Cashmere is amazingly soft and warm.

4. Booties or Ankle Boots

I love booties. I made that clear in my spring article and I’m recommending it again. The one I’m wearing is a cognac brown color and it is made of suede material. It’s from Franco Sarto. I love Franco Sarto boots, because he always makes them with real leather and real suede. This Italian designer is definitely underrated. Booties are perfect for petite people like me, because I always like to add height. Usually they have a chunky heel, so they are one of the most comfortable “heels” to wear.

5. Neutral Fall Purse

A neutral purse is a definite must-have accessory, for every season and occasion. I’m wearing a Steve Madden crossbody in the cognac brown shade. It is definitely a quality faux-leather purse. It has beautiful gold chain-link hardware and it literally fits everything you need. Steve Madden crossbodies have always been a go-to of mine, especially because they are so wallet-friendly and trendy.

That’s it!


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