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The Rise of Virtual Shopping

Updated: May 23, 2022

Everything is going virtual. With the pandemic, and efforts of social distancing in place, online shopping is becoming a way of life for many more people than ever before. With that said, online shopping is becoming convenient and enjoyable. It’s kind of nice to be able to purchase a pair of shoes or a random piece of electronic with the click of a button. No travel time, no hassle. Boom done.

I’ve noticed some trends that have accompanied shopping online. These are really important to be aware of, because just maybe your favorite store has these options available! Now wouldn’t that be nice? Here are three trends:

Social Commerce

Social commerce is literally selling stuff on social media. Having the ability to browse and purchase products through social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, open an array of options for online shoppers. With social media it becomes an experience and connects to the buyer in a special way. Lots of retailers are starting to incorporate this into their social media pages. Retailers present you with a set of products, beautifully curated on their feed tagging their items, all ready for purchase.

Personal Shopping Services

Personal shopping services are increasing with popularity, especially during the pandemic. Plato’s Closet, for example, is a place that is hard to find items online, because they are a consignment shop. Due to increased demand, they are now helping with personal shopping. You send them different information about what size you are, what style and colors you are looking for, and they will look through the store for you. They will send you their findings and you can pick and choose what you would like to purchase.

Enchancing Website Features

For retailers that already have a website presence, they are enhancing the online shopping experience with upgraded features so that the customer can have a more seamless experience. One of the top things that retailers are focusing on is improving the shopping experience online; so that it can be easy to shop. Most people get turned off from online shopping if it’s complicated, or if the layout doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing.

I believe that online shopping is here to stay. Most people who didn’t shop online before, will probably now do it for a long time.


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