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Tips for Working from Home

Updated: May 23, 2022

With everything going on in the world right now, it is forcing us to be creative with our daily life. Some of you work from home and some of you are “just home.” Regardless of your circumstance, I believe that we can still be quite effective at home, maybe even more so. It just takes a little bit of adjustment, but it can be possible and fun.

I’ve thought about some basic tips on how everyone can make their time at home more effective. It’s always a nice thing to know that you were still productive, even at home. Here are some ideas:

Make your To-Do List

Whatever you need to do for that day. Try to make a to-do list in the morning, or the night before if that works for you. This will help you organize your day and keep you less distracted. At home, it’s easy to be relaxed and do mindless things because it’s your hang-out zone. It’s still good to be relaxed, I’m not against that. But it’s good to have some goals even at home.

Get Ready for the Day

Maybe you won’t be putting your makeup on, but still wash your face and brush your teeth. It is also good to change your clothes for the day. Whatever that looks like for you. Maybe you change your top only and keep your PJ pants on, or you change your whole outfit. Wearing something different can set the tone for the whole day.

Take a Step Outside

When you are home most of the time, it is good to get a different perspective sometimes. This is where taking a walk comes in handy. Grab a take-out for dinner. Even sitting down in your backyard and taking in the nature can be helpful. Just doing this for even 30 minutes a day, can do wonders for your day.

Stay Connected

Sometimes you need a “lunch break” or a virtual coffee date with someone. Keep connected to friends, family or co-workers. It can make your day go by faster and it’s sometimes the jolt we need to keep going. This prevents you from feeling disconnected and does wonders for our productivity and happiness.

Remain Positive

In the midst of what may seem mundane, stay positive. Listen to some good music, read some good books. I personally like to read the Bible or listen to my favorite radio station K-Love. It helps me overpower any negative thoughts with positive ones. Do things that you love to do. If you like baking—make some cookies. If you like crafts—create something new. In the moment of sadness, sometimes you just need about 10 minutes of intentional positivity to help you get past it.

Wherever you are today, whether it’s working from home or waiting—keep plugging along. Good things are coming and you are only getting stronger.


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