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5 Items You Need to Style an Entryway

Updated: Apr 26

The entryway is the first thing you see when you enter your home. It usually has a closet, for your coats and shoes. But that’s it. The rest is up to you. The entryway should be set up in a way that it lines up stylistically with the rest of your home.

It’s not too hard and it can be done on a budget! The basic driving force for what gets put at the entryway is functionality first, and then style. Think of what you need, available at your fingertips, when you are rushing out the door. And also think of how to make the entryway look like a welcoming “hello” to your home.

Console Table

This is one of the first things you should look for. I wanted a small, cute little console table, that was practical. For me, it was important to have some storage space. I love the little drawers that come with it, because in there we store our keys, wallets, and sunglasses. I like that all tucked away, but available when I need it.


Having a mirror in the entryway is important for multiple reasons. Firstly, the practical one, is that it’s nice to take a quick look right before you head out the door. Secondly, it also makes your entryway look bigger, by reflecting light in the area. Lastly, it adds a nice decorative touch to your entryway. I like elaborate frames, because it adds a little bit of architectural touch to the room.


Lamps are really practical for added lighting in the entryway. I have a small entryway with no windows. Sometimes, I don’t want the stronger lights from the ceiling, but I just want a softer light to illuminate the room. It’s also great for the evening, when you want some mood lighting on, which helps you to relax. It gives the feeling of candlelight.


A rug is a no-brainer. A rug protects your floor from any outdoor mud or slush from the snow that can be brought in. It also completes the look of the entryway. You can pick a rug that is more on the stylish end or one that is more practical. I really wanted a rug that looked cute, but I decided to go for the uber practical instead because it’s easier to maintain. I got a good-quality, large black door mat for this purpose.


Adding a touch of décor to the entryway gives it a finishing touch. I would definitely say if you only add one thing, it should be a bouquet of flowers or a green plant. I added some flowers in a cute vase. The other pieces you can add, are some nice books for styling the table— or some artwork and photos. You don’t need too much, just a touch. It adds personality and interesting details.

Hopefully, that was informative and interesting. Your journey to creating a simple entryway, can be super fun. In the end, you will definitely enjoy the usefulness it brings. ||


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