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My 5 Patio Essentials

Updated: May 23, 2022

Putting together your patio can be a lot of fun. Especially when you are a homebody, or just want to create a little outdoor haven for yourself. Your patio doesn’t need to be exquisite to decorate nicely. It could be a large space or it could be a cute small balcony.

I believe there are five overarching basics when it comes to patio décor.

For this project, I was excited to do a collaboration with Erbanica, a Canadian premium rug brand. I was able to include a beautiful blue outdoor rug for my patio setup this summer. Here are the five basics for any patio.

Bistro Set

Firstly, you definitely need somewhere to sit down and enjoy the beautiful nature outdoors. You could accomplish this with a bistro set, or a larger patio set. But it’s important to have some chairs and a table to be able to drink coffee, eat some BBQ or just read a book. Outdoor furniture is a must.

Area Rug

The next obvious one is an area rug. Every great place starts with a great rug. Rugs can take your basic-looking patio and make your patio feel like it’s supposed to be on a magazine cover. Nowadays there are many great outdoor rugs, that are stain-resistant and wet-resistant—pretty much easy to clean. Just like the ones from Erbanica. And there are so many outdoor rugs that look just as pretty as indoor rugs.

Green Plants

Without further ado, plants are essential. Adding some trees and flowers can always cheer us up. They look pretty and are great in enhancing the vibe of your space. Adding nature into the mix has always proven to make a room livelier and more inviting.

Table Platter

This is where your table centerpiece or platter comes in. It’s important to have a functional centerpiece, like a tray or platter. There are two reasons for this. This helps you stack some essentials and gives it a more organized look. Secondly, it is a great way to add a nice décor piece in the mix.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is always important to include in your patio. It could be any lighting if need be. It could be the outdoor light fixture that’s on your house. It could be added string lights. And if your budget is even tighter, candles are a perfect way to add ambient lighting. Candles can also give a nice scent, or can be functional in staving off unwanted bugs. It’s a great mood booster for those nighttime patio hangouts.

Hopefully that helped! There are always creative ways you can make your patio feel homey and pretty at the same time. Have fun on your patio this summer!


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